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Want a job where you can truly make a difference? Join the team at Garden Center Services to work as an Activities Coordinator, supporting adults with developmental disabilities.


This position will coordinate and facilitate activities for people living in the group homes. The Activities Coordinator will work with several homes to assess who might like to attend particular activities and provide the transportation and attend with them. Activities could include theatre productions, spectator sports, sports activities, religious activities, festivals, hikes, concerts - the list is limitless!


The Activities Coordinator will need good organizational skills to stay within consumer and Garden Center budgets. The Activities Coordinator will also need good organizational skills to utilize time well and work with a variety of support staff and managers to organize and communicate activities. The most important skill set for this position will be the ability to enjoy getting out and doing things with the people we support and the enthusiasm and energy to make these events/activities fun. This position has the capacity to greatly enhance lives and expose people to activities or experiences they may not otherwise experience. It may also involve helping someone pursue a richer spiritual life as they attend bible studies or church services of their choice.


An ability to have a flexible schedule is necessary to address a variety of events and activities people may enjoy. Two office hours are provided to investigate activities available in the community and surrounding areas as well as obtaining any discounts possible. Weekend time will be essential, however a weekend off a month can be worked into the schedule if desired.


DSP experience (including up-to-date CPR/FA) is a plus, and a good driving record and valid driver’s license is required.


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